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Here to make sure that you keep a roof over your head, Lafayette Roofing and Siding is the place to go for top quality roofers. If you are looking for the roofing contractor that can handle any leak repair, re-roof, or other roofing services that you need in Lafayette, then we are here for you. With our team of experienced roofing experts, you are guaranteed a high level of dedication and quality work. Since we only use the finest roof materials for every repair and re-roof, you can count on the work we do for many years to come.

One of the reasons that we work so hard to be the roofing company that you go to in Lafayette, is because we love our community. Providing roofing repairs is more than just our work, it is our passion. Roofing contractors that care about you and your roof are available when you call Lafayette Roofing and Siding today. You can reach us at (765) 588-0113 to get a quote on your roof work or schedule an inspection today.​

Quality Roofing in Lafayette, IN
That can handle Any Roofing Repair

Not all roofing companies are the same, and it is important to find the right team for the roofing service you need. There are many different reasons that you might need a roof repair service, but the team at Lafayette Roofing and Siding has the experience and know-how to diagnose any issue. Whether you need to replace a section of shingles, or you need a metal roof expert to handle your problem, our team is ready to handle it.

When you give us a call for your roof issues, we will promptly schedule a time to come to check it out. With our roofers’ years of combined experience and training, we will have the issue diagnosed quickly and be able to get you a quote for a roof repair. From there we will help you with the fastest and most effective roof repair to get you fixed up as quickly as possible. If you need help with roof repair services in Lafayette, give us a call and have one of our experienced roofers out for a diagnosis of your roof today.

A Roofing Company You Can Count On in Lafayette, IN

One thing is certain, you want to have a dependable roof. You need to know that your roof is going be there to keep you and your family safe, day in and day out. When you run into a roofing issue, and it is not as dependable as you need it to be, where can you turn?

The next best thing to a dependable roof is a reliable roofing company that you can go to when things go wrong. With Lafayette Roofing and Siding, you will have a team of excellent roof repair technicians that are always prepared to fix any roofing issue. It is our mission to make sure that you have the best and most dependable roofing company for the times that you need it in Lafayette.
At Lafayette Roofing and Siding, we guarantee our dependability by hiring the best roofers, using the best roofing materials, and by putting our customer’s needs first. If you find a leak, or notice loose shingles, be sure to call us at (765) 588-0113 and have us come out to provide a full inspection and schedule all of your roof repairs right away.
Roof Repairs

Lafayette Roofing
Lafayette, IN is The Place to Go for Any Re-Roof Work You Need

There are so many types of roofing and different roofing contractors may specialize in certain roofing services. With Lafayette Roofing and Siding, you can get the fantastic roof repair, maintenance, or re-roof that you need for anything from a steel roof to shingles. With our roofers, you will get a team that is prepared to handle repairs, simple maintenance, and help diagnose any problem before it has a chance to become a more serious issue. Here are a few of our roofing services that are available in Lafayette. IN   

  • Roof Repairs

    When you notice that dripping above the kitchen sink, call us right away so we can get experienced roofers to you to patch the hole.

  • Roof Maintenance
    If you get regularly scheduled roof maintenance in Lafayette from our experienced technicians, you will greatly reduce your chance of needing costly repairs in the future. Maintenance also includes inspections for possible issues on your roof.

  • Roofing Inspection
    If you think there might be a problem, do not hesitate to call us to check your roofing and siding

  • Lafayette siding repair and maintenance
    Anything you need, our team has you covered.

  • Re-Roof Service
    If you need a brand-new roof, let the top roofing team in Lafayette take care of everything for you. You will have a quality new roof that will last for a long time.

These are just some of the Lafayette Roofing and Siding services available for you, so contact us   if you have any questions about a repair or maintenance service that you need.

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